WEEK 2 / Nov. 25th

WEEK 2 / Nov. 25th

Just Not Fare v. Rashbag Rhinos

[ 9 – 14 ] / [ 7 – 6 ]

In a nail-biting close game, veteran team Just Not Fare kicked off with a brilliant TD thrown by QB Shulamit Iram and caught by Noa Goldrich. Deena Hornstein secured the extra point. TVA’s Rashbag Rhinos, led by QB Adira Orbach, scored 2 incredible TDs by Yakira Solomont and Dahlia Sered. On defense, both teams had strong players blocking plays and pulling flags. Just Not Fare’s Yakira Marcus and Rashbag Rhino’s Adira Orbach were both successful at getting a safety, bringing the final score to a 14-9 win for the Rashbag Rhinos.

In game 2, the teams fought tooth and nail preventing any points to be scored for most of the game! Noa Goldrich of Just Not Fare had an amazing night with a total of 5 Sacks! The Rhinos’ Defensive player Emily Zrihen managed a pretty neat interception. The game was close, and eventually ended with 1 TD scored by Rashbag Rhinos’ Dahlia Sered and 1 by Just Not Fare’s Aliza Zalcman- who was able to secure the extra point and bring in the 7-6 win for Just Not Fare.


Kosher Casual v. Paige’s Lakers/Wolves

[ 29 – 0 ] / [ 28 – 0 ]

The bright-eyed and newest WAFI players, Paige’s Lakers/Wolves, were teamed up against Kosher Casual, who seem to be gearing up for the Championship already. Game 1 saw 2 TDs each from Kosher Casuals’ Michal Alge and Esther Feldhamer. Both players caught one TD pass from QB Cindy Scaar, as well as scoring on their own with matching pick-6s. Merav Barach, Michal and Esther each contributed with extra points. Adi Shulman caught a 3rd interception, and Tirza Willner turned a fierce rush into a safety. The Wolves’ Talia Kishineff managed to intercept the ball, and the girls are slowly getting better with each play.

In Game 2, Kosher Casuals’ Michal Alge caught the first TD pass. QB Cindy Scaar caught another TD, thrown to her by Merav Barach. Merav contributed to the final score with 2 pick-6s. extra points were scored by Adi Shulman, Tirza Willner, Esther Feldhamer and Merav Barach (on a pass from Michal Alge). The Wolves’ defense picked up 2 interceptions, by Talia Kishineff and Kayla Grodner. Final score- 28-0 for the Kosher girls.


Eden’s Eagles v. Judean Rebels

[ 0 – 21 ] / [ 0 – 20 ]

It seemed as though the Judean Rebels used their mini-vacation last week to plot their domination- and their plans definitely worked. QB Bayla Greenblum threw perfect passes all night, and TDs were scored by Rivka Weinberg (X2) and Shelby Binstock. Extra points were caught by Tiferet Atkin, Maya Perry and Raquella Raiz. On defense, Rivka successfully intercepted a pass. Final score – 21-0 win for Judean Rebels.

During their second game, the Rebels wouldn’t let Eden’s Eagles catch a break, and Scored 2 more TDs by Rivka Weinberg and Shalavit Rausman. Shalavit also scored a pick-6, while Shelby Binstock scored the 2 extra points, bringing the game to an end with a 20-0 win over Eden’s Eagles.


Big Blue v. Let’s Get Ready to Fumble

[ 25 – 14 ] / [ 27 – 8 ]

In a whirlwind of a game with interceptions caught almost every play, chaos ensued until almost the very last play. The first TD of the night was caught by Big Blues’ Nechama Brickner, who caught a great Pass by QB Roni Kahn. The second TD was scored by Elisheva Dre-Marcus. LGRTF’s Eden Glick was fast to even out the score. On defense, Big Blue’s Eli Baumol was on fire with 3 interceptions, one of them she ran in for a pick-6, and Daniella Friedman ran in another pick-6. LGRTF’s Zohar Block and Eden Glick both intercepted the ball, and Eden converted hers into a pick-6. With extra points caught by LGRTF’s Eden and Big Blue’s Daniella Friedman, the game ended in a 25-14 win for Big Blue.

In game 2, Big Blue’s Eli Baumol kept shining with interceptions, and scored 2 pick-6s. with the assist of Atara Klein and Meira Jacobowitz, Big Blue defense held down the fort. Daniella Friedman and Daniella Brown each scored another TD for their team, thrown by QB Roni Kahn, and extra points were caught by the 2 Daniellas and Yehudit Brickner. LGRTF had an intense game as well, with interceptions by Eden Glick and Zohar Block, and with Eden scoring a TD and the extra points. Final score – a 27-8 Big Blue win.


Wildkats v. Mishaan

[ 6 – 19 ] / [ 14 – 16 ]

In the final game of the night, MMY’s Wildkatz clashed it out with the young Mishaan girls. Wildkatz gave Mishaan a run for their money, as Racheli Lipner scored a TD and defensive player Jessica Zemble intercepted a pass. But the quick Mishaan players secured a big win, with 3 TDs caught by Lyla Tesler Adiella Cohnen and Eta Cohnen (who also caught an interception), and an extra point scored by Eta. Final score- 19-6 for Mishaan.

In a super close combative second game, both teams scored 2 TDs each- Wildkatzs’ Sela Pollack and Shayna Vadnai, and Mishaan’s Dalia Tesler and Lyla Tesler. Defense for both teams was air-tight, and yet Wildkatzs’ Sela Pollack and Jessica Zemble managed to score the extra points. Unfortunately for the Wildkatz, Mishaans’ Dalia Tesler and Eta Cohnen each scored a 2 point conversion, bringing the tally up to a 16-14 win for Mishaan.