WAFI – Week 3

WEEK 3 – Dec. 2nd

[ 7 – 13 ] / [ 13 – 6 ]

In a super close competitive game, Kosher Casual came on top with 2 TDs scores by Michal Alge and Penny Rabin. Esther Feldhamer caught the extra point, and had a magnificent interception in defense- as did Merav Barach and Michal Alge.
Judean Rebels’ Tiferet Atkin scored a TD for her team, while Shelby Atkin brought in the extra point, bringing the game to a close with a 13-7 win for KC.

In Game 2 the tables have turned, as the Rebels scored 2 TDs while Kosher Casual scored the one. Judean Rebels’ TDs we’re caught by Tiferet Atkin and Rivka Weinberg, with Shelby Atkin- who had a great defensive hame with 2 interceptions- scored the extra point. Kosher Casuals’ points were scored by Michal Alge (who caught yet another interception). Great rushing by defensive players Laura Ben David and Tirza willner, and superb flag pulls by Adi Shulman.

[ 8 – 14 ] / [ 0 – 12 ]

The young Wolves we’re finally clicking, with the help of coach Zachi, as they gave TVAs Rhinos a run for their money! Wolves’ Kayla Grodner scored 2 impressive TDs for her team, while TVAs’ Deena Karger scored a TD for her team. Despite a tight defensive game, with an interception by Naomi Butler and a safety by Danya Gewurz, the first game ended with a 14-8 win for the Wolves.

Game 2 had the Rashbag Rhinos fighting tooth and nail, but unfortunately for them the Wolves defense prevented them from scoring all night long. Miriam Wolf caught a beautiful TD and extra point for her team. Final score- 7-0 win for Paiges Lakers/Wolves.

[ 6 – 6 ] / [ 6 – 6 ]

In an evenly matched and nail-biting game, both mmy’s Wildkatz and Eden’s eagles players battled and left it all on the field, denying the win from the opposing team, resulting in this seasons’ first ever 2 tied games. First game had TD scores by Atara Hershberg of the Eagles, vs a TD by Jessica Zemble of the Wildkatz. Game 2 saw M.E of the eagles score a TD, and Avigail Schiff score for the Wildkatz. Nitzana Strous killed it as always on the Eagles defense with a bunch of interceptions!

[ 13 – 12 ] / [ 21 – 0 ]

In a smashing game between 2 great rivals, Big Blue managed to pull away with a win within the last minute of the game. Racheli Abell of Just Not Fare scored the first TD of the night with a pick-6, but was immediately matched with a TD by Daniella Brown, after a great drive led by QB Ronit Kahn with impressively long throws. Just Not Fare’s QB Shulamit Iram had some amazing throws as well, and threw a TD pass to Aliza Zalcman. Big Blues’ Eli Baumol helped seal the game with a fantastic TD catch, an extra point and many interceptions.

Game 2 was a Big Blue clean sweep with TDs by Eli Baumol (X2), Daniella Friedman, and extra points by Daniella Friedman, Daniella Brown and Elisheva Dre-Marcus- all thrown by QB Roni Kahn. Defense was super tight and prevented Just Not Fare from scoring, with pass blocks, flag pulls and interceptions by Meira Jacobowitz, Atara Klein and Eli Baumol. Rushers Yehudit and Nechama Brickner kept the pressure on Just Not Fare’s QB Shulamit, as did their rusher Deena Hornstein, and all 3 managed to come away with sacks.