WAFI – Week 5


WEEK 5 / Dec. 16th


Just Not Fare v. Eden’s Eagles

[ 14 – 0 ] / [ 21 – 13 ]

Just Not Fare brought their a-game tonight, as their defense kept Eden’s Eagles at bay all game long. QB Shulamit Iram threw wonderful TD passes to Deena Hornstein and Racheli Abell. Racheli and Noa Goldrich caught the extra points, and the final score of the game was 14-0 to Just not Fare.

Eden’s Eagles came back for game 2 ready to put some points on the board. With 2 TDs Scored by Atara Hershberg and Yael Reiss (who also caught an incredible interception!), and an extra point by Nitzana Strous, these girls weren’t kidding around. Unfortunately for the Eagles, Just not Fare doesn’t mess around either. 3 TDs were caught by Aliza Zalcman, Deena Hornstein and Racheli Abell, with EP caught by Yakira Marcus, Avi Goldrich and Monica Neustadter. The game finally came to an end with a 21-13 win for Just Not Fare.


Judean Rebels v. Rashbag Rhinos

[ 26 – 6 ] / [ 20 – 18 ]

On this freezing Jerusalem night, Rashbag Rhinos fought hard not just against the wind and cold, but against the speedy Judean Rebels players. The Rhinos’ Dahlia Sered caught an incredible pass and drove it into the endzone for a TD. Judean Rebels kept a tight defense and an even stronger offense, with a total of 2 interceptions, 4 TDs and 2 Eps – by Rivka Weinberg, Maya Perry and Tiferet Atkin- resulting in a 26-6 win for the Rebels.

In game 2, the competition was on an entirely new level as both teams struggled to stay in the lead. With interceptions by the Rhinos’ Mia Raskin and 3 TDs by Mia and Dahlia Sered, the Rashbagers put an impressive 18 points on the scoreboard. Judean Rebels came back with a pick-6 by Shalavit Rausman, TDs and EP by Tiferet Atkin and Maya Perry and ex Etra point by Daniella Azar, winning the game for the Rebels with a 20-18.


Big Blue v. Paiges Lakers/Wolves

[ 13 – 0 ] / [ 25 – 0 ]

Paiges Lakers/Wolves did a great job keeping Big Blue in check, and their impressive rushers Miriam Wolf and Elisheva Leff put the pressure on QB Roni Kahn with great rushing and a sack. But Eventually, Roni overcame her and connected with player Elisheva Marcus (who also caught a fantastic interception) to score 2 TDs, with EP caught by Daniella Friedman, resulting in a 13-0 win for Big Blue.

In game 2, Big Blue brought out their guns with amazing defense, led by great rushing by Nechama and Yehudit Brickner, awesome blocking by Elisheva Marcus and Atara Klein, and amazing interceptions by Elisheva and Meira Jacobowitz. On Offense, QB Roni was on a roll with TD throws caught by Daniella Friedman (x2)and Elisheva Marcuz (x2). Friedman caught the extra point and the game ended with a 25-0 win for Big Blue.


Kosher Casual v. Mishaan

[ 20 – 0 ] / [ 19 – 2 ]

In game 1, Penny Rabin of Kosher Casual ran the length of the field on the very first play for a TD. Michal Alge scored the second TD with Adi Shulman bringing in the EP, and later on another TD. The game also featured interceptions by Adi Shulman (x2), Michal Alge (x2), and Tirza Willner.

In game 2, Kosher Casual’s Penny Rabin continued her rushing TD dominance with yet another 6-pointer. Other TDs were scored by Tirza Willner and Esther Feldhamer, and EP was caught by Merav Barach on a rocket from QB Cindy Scaar. Interceptions were made by Esther Feldhamer and Adi Shulman. Mishaan’s Eta Cohnen contributed some points for her team with an awesome safety.


Wildkats v. Let’s Get Ready to Fumble

[ 0 – 19 ] / [ 7 – 12 ]

In the last game of the night, with a smaller than usual team of girls, LGRTF overcame the cold and the bubbly Wildkatz with 3 TDs by Eden Glick, Esthey Cohen and Moriah Sherby, with Esthey bringing in an EP. Wildkatz may not have scored during the game, but their high spirits and sportsmanship are always greatly appreciated!

In game 2, the Wildkatz energy and optimism sure paid off as Chevi Charlap scored a TD for her team, with Shayna Vadnai securing the EP. LGRTF surely wasn’t gonna let that slide, as Esthey Cohen and Eden Glick quickly caught 2 TDs, resulting in a 12-7 win for Let’s Get Ready to Fumble.