U19 – Playoffs


Playoffs Baby!!!

What a night of playoffs as we first need to play one more game of the regular season to determine the last playoff spot. Jimmy Gui tried to squeeze their way into the playoffs as they just need to win 1 game, but the Mighty Eagles flew in and spoiled their plan as they beat up on them 21-7 and 28-14. Then Mighty Eagles had to faceoff Free Hong Kong for 8th place (since the Mighty Eagles had the point differential but Free Hong Kong beat them twice during the season). We played a 10 min. playoff to get into the playoffs. Free Hong Kong scored and never looked back as their defense held out as they creamed the Mighty Eagles 19-0 in just 10 minutes.

Now back to the playoffs 5th place The Juice took on 4th place JTP. The first half went back and forth and at half time JTP was leading by 1, 20-19. The Juice regathered and some heck of a half time speech by David Polisar. The Juice scored early and often in the second half as their defense shut down JTP to take the win 36-20.

At 8PM Marriage U Wanna? Came out firing and let up nothing as they dominated the first half 32-6 and in the second half was kind of the same as they moved on and destroyed Cereal Killers 47-8. On the other field at 8:30 The number 1 seed Titans beat up on the 8th seed Free Hong Kong 48-8.

We moved on to the next round as the 1 vs 5 to start at 9:30. Titans came out quick and loaded as they led 13-0. The Juice came tonight with fire, they picked their heads right back up to take the lead 14-13, and  right back came the Titans and then The Juice yoyoed right back to end the half . The Juice had the lead 20-19. Both teams started the second half firing away the score was 27-26 Titans with only 4 minutes left. The Juice came marching down the field as they converted a 4th and 5 for a first down, then marched down the field to convert another 4th down for a TD to take the lead 32-27. The number 1 seed Titans were never giving up and haven’t been in this situation much in the season as they too converted a 4th down to stop the clock with 48 seconds left. Again, they tried to march down the field and on 3rd and 10 David Polisar came up with a huge sack as the flag just fell out of QB’s belt and the clock kept ticking. 4th and forever tick tock tick tock with about 18 seconds left Saadia Seifras wheels and deals an amazing 40 yard heave to the end zone as his receiver tried toe tapping made the catch but to no avail the ref called that his foot was out. The Juice kneeled to take the win 32-27, what an upset and what a game.

Please come and join us as Marriage U Wanna ? awaits to play the winner of Honey Badgers Vs Big Blue Sheigetz on Sunday and then on Monday The Juice awaits their matchup for the championship game and then an All-Star game.