U19 – Week 1


Week 1 / Mar. 8th

The off season was a little longer than we wanted, but the U19 boys just came back stronger and hungrier for Football! It was a pleasure to see everyone back in Kraft Stadium!

Borstein bears v. Shviggers

The first game of the night belonged to the Borstein bears who played the Shviggers.

The Borstein bears, named after their one-of-a-kind Rabbi, started off the season with a bang.

Just minutes into the game Noam Fried was found in the endzone eyeing a tipped ball. He managed to bounce it off of his body and into his hands for the first Touchdown of the night!

Shortly after, the bears were back on offense with Aryeh Citronenbaum scoring another touchdown.

While the Shviggers were failing to score, the Borstein bear’s QB Yitzy Tannenbaum ended the half with four passed touchdowns, running up the score to 28-0.

We enjoyed watching Tannenbaum’s beautiful passes, continuing with three more touchdown passes in the second half.

The Shviggers kept playing hard and managed to put six points on the board, but the game was surely over once Aryeh Citrenbaum intercepted the ball and ran ran 35 yards for a huge pick 6, ending the game 51-6.


JTP v. Dream Crushers

JTP came ready to win and beat the Dream Crushers on the second game of the night 37-0.

JTP started their game with two touchdowns in the first half.

The first td was a deep catch down the field by the team’s captain Yakov Esshagian who then managed to keep juking and avoiding the defenders all the way into the touchdown zone.

The second touchdown play started with JTP’s QB Ami Dressler throwing a hail marry. While it seemed like the Dream Crushers were coming down with the ball, Yakov Esshagian came out of nowhere snatching the ball for another six points.

David Applebaum put up four extra points for JTP during the first half, thanks to his perfect button hooks route.

The second half was even more exciting for the JTP fans as they snatched five interceptions, two of them resulting in a pick-6 by Ben Esshagian running it back one time all the way down the field and another from near mid field. Another pick-6 was caught by Applebaum intercepting the ball on the 10 yd line and managing to cross the endzone untouched with ease.

One more deep ball to Yakov settled JTP once more close to the endzone, resulting in another short range touchdown pass.

Although the Dream Crushers ended up with no points on the board, it seems like this young team is getting better, faster than we know it! We expect them to give the older boys a run for their money- so watch out!

JTP’s Captain Yakov Esshagian responded to the game saying his team is satisfied with their scores and being able to nail all the two extra points attempts. “We were able to keep a lockdown defense the entire game, and are excited to take on next week and whatever it brings our way” said Esshagian.


Chashmo ghost runners v. The Mahomesians

The last game of the night finished with another blow out by the Chashmo Ghost Runners vs. The Mahomesians 48-6.

Moshe Nathan set an example as team captain and wasted no time scoring two touchdowns for his team during the first half.

The Second half started off with a touchdown by Ilan Shulman, completed with an extra point scored by Nathan.

Yaakov Geller had a beautiful interception running back 20 yards, but The Mahomesians were not making it easy for the Chashmo Ghost Runners as Yeshaya Greenstone intercepted the ball right back, returned it to the other 20 yard line, but unfortunately were unable to score.

On Chashmo’s next touchdown they failed to score extra points as Moshe Rabinowitz intercepted the ball, but didn’t manage to complete the return.

The Mahomesians were struggling to come back after Chaim Horn’s amazing flag pull, denying them to advance at least 20 on what seemed like would be a perfect play to advance the ball back down the field.

Shaul Geller was a big factor for the Chashmo’s win as he played a lock down defense as a CB. He didn't give up a catch and didn’t miss any flags.

The Mohomesians captain Moshe Rabinowitz said “This was a fun game even though we got crushed."

We hope all the teams will continue having fun throughout all the season games!