U19 – Week 2

Week 2/March 15th

Dream crushers v. Chashmo ghost runners (6-44)

The first game of the night was played between two Chashmonaim teams. The Chasmo Ghost Runners  can be described as the senior Chashmonaim team and the Dream Crushers as the Junior Chashmonaim team. Although the Dream Crushers lost 44-6 they are learning the game and getting stronger. They are getting ready to crush so be aware!

In the first half of the game Yaakov, Jordy and Zeev each scored two touchdowns for the Chashmo Ghost Runners. Zeev’s second touchdown was a gorgeous pick-6.

In the second half Moshe and Shaul (with a one handed catch) each scored a TD and an extra point.

The captain Moshe Nathan said “The game was really good. Both teams played with great passion”.

For the Dream Crushers it was the team’s captain, Yakir Garson who scored the touchdown. He said that this was a good learning experience for his team.

We sure know it was and we can’t wait to watch the Dream Crushers evolve into even better players.


BBB v. JTP (37-36)

The first touchdown was once again scored by JTP’s captain Yakov Esshaghian. This team made sure  the ball progressed slowly down to the five-yard line with slow and steady plays running the ball a lot and breaking BBB’s coverage. Finally, the ball was tossed to Yakov on a roll out and after juking one defender he made an easy walk-in touchdown.

JTP’s QB Ami Dressler threw beautiful passes in the endzone to Avi Esshaghian and David Finkelstein who also scored touchdowns in the first half.

JTP were up 18-0 at the end of the first half. Just as it seemed that they had this game in their favor,

The team took a hit as Yakov Esshaghian was sidelined after a brutal hit to the eye.

All though they still managed to show a strong offense, Elisha Even Israel from BBB managed to juke them and get through their defense many times scoring multiple times for BBB.

It was Ben Esshaghian who stepped up the game and scored two touchdowns on deep balls perfectly placed by Dressler, bringing back the score in favor of JTP 30-25.

JTP ran the ball a lot, giving Ben and Ami heaps of yards while BBB were struggling greatly with pulling their flags.

Unfortunately for them their Defense wasn’t as successful, giving up another touchdown to BBB and bringing up the score 31-30 to BBB.

JTP were on the 10 yard-line, and Ami Dressler was scrambling in the pocket against the rusher. Dressler managed to get free and see an opening where he placed the ball perfectly out of reach of the defender and right into the hands of David Applebaum, bringing the score to 36-31 for JTP

This game was super exciting and close, and to add to the thrill- Elisha runs the field into the TD zone one more time! Bringing the score to 37-36 to BBB during the one-minute warning. The game came down to the last 8 seconds, zero timeouts left and JTP decided to run one more play. They handed it off to Ben and he ran as best he could to make it to the endzone, but BBB’s defense wasn’t having it and managed to pull his flag in the last second on the one yard line! The time ran out and BBB managed to win by just one point difference 37-36. What a fun and exciting game that was to watch!

JTP’s captain, Yakov Esshagian had said: “BBB had a great team and it was an amazing game I just wish we could've slipped away with the dub on the last play”.


Mahomesians v. Borstein Bears (20-35)

The Mahomesians started strong, marching the ball down the field and at the ten yard line where Moshe Rabinowitz threw the ball to Rafi Tuchman for a flawless TD. The Borstein Bears on the other side of the ball weren’t happy with The Mahomesians lead and came back with two touchdowns scored by Noam and Aryeh, ending the half 16-6.

In the second half of the game the Mahomesians tied the game when Moshe Rabinowitz threw another perfect ball to Natan Kastner for an easy five yard TD.

On the next set of downs the Borstein Bears were up on offence. Noam Fried took off as fast as he can, Yitzy throws a long hail mary all the way to the other endzone, forcing Fried to give his all for this one. Fried jumps for an impressive dive and catches, another TD!

Keeping the game tight, when the score was 22-12, QB Rabinowitz keeps showing us his beautiful passing skills. This time the throw is to Rafi Tuchman on a 20-yard pass for the TD bringing the score to 22-18.

In the second half of the game, Aryeh Citronenbaum catches the ball on a short pattern and ran almost the entire field, avoiding all five defenders and scoring another TD for the Borstein Bears. The Bears choose to try and score on a two -point attempt. During this play Natan Kastner on defense snatches the ball and runs down the field for a 2 point conversion!

The Mahomesians defence remains strong and when they step back on the field they prevent the Borstein Bears from scoring with a great sack on the fourth down by Saffer. The Mahomesians offence fails to score as well and they are unsuccessful in gaining more points this game. Yitzy Tannenbaum scores one more touchdown for the Borstein Bears finishing the game 35-20.