U19 – Week 3


Week 3/ Mar. 22nd

The first game of the night was played between the Chashmo Ghost Runners and BBB (Big Blue Bulls).
BBB showed up with four strong players ready to step up the game, but the Chashmo Ghost Runners were too strong to beat. On Offense QB Zeev Geller threw 5 TDs and gave up zero interceptions, while on defense Jordy Saltzman pulled 7 sacks, and Moshe Nathan caught two interceptions to stop BBB’s offense from advancing.
Scoring for the Chashmo Ghost Runners were Yaakov Geller with a touchdown, two touchdowns by Saltzman and two more from Nathan who also scored two extra points, finishing off the game 37-0.

In the second game of the night the Mahomesians beat the Dream Crushers 47-7.

On the third and last game of the night JTP beat the Shviggers 41-6. Boy what a game that was!
The first touchdown of the game was scored by JTP’s Quarter back Ami Dressler who ran the ball thirty yards down the field, avoiding the entire opposing team all the way down the sideline and managing to just make it in the endzone without falling out of bounds. The second touchdown belonged to JTP as well. Ami scrambled in the pocket, avoiding the rusher and managed to bomb the ball deep to Ben Esshagian. Ben made a phenomenal adjustment and missed the opposing safety, grabbing the ball from in front of him and running it all the way to the endzone. The third touchdown came shortly after as Avi Esshaghian caught a perfectly placed ball by Dressler on another deep ball for a 55 yard touchdown.
JTP were on a roll and managed to score again in the first half. The fourth touchdown was by David Applebaum who caught the ball at the twenty-yard line and juked the entire defense, leaving half of them on the ground and walking easily into the endzone.
The first half concluded with four touchdowns by JTP and three successful extra points scored by David Applebaum and Azi Deutch. Applebaum scored two of them on easy outs.
In the second half of the game, Azi Deutsch scored his first touchdown of the year on a quick corner route. He secured the ball easily after being placed perfectly by Dressler. Both David Applebaum and Ben scored their second touchdowns of the game in the second half on the same route. JTP picked the ball off twice on interceptions, bringing the ball close to the endzone and Ami simply placed perfect balls into his players hands for the touchdowns.
Extra points were scored by Ami on a trick play thrown by David Applebaum.
“The team had multiple clutch interceptions that gave us crazy yardage and a big advantage on our offensive push. On our defense we had an amazing safety forced by Ami Dressler who whenever given the chance as rusher always made a play, and we also had tons of crucial flag pull by the entire team but David Finkelstein and Avi Wolf stood out the most with their amazing skills stopping multiple fourth downs causing turnovers”.
“Our team played with admirable tenacity and passion which are always the best tools for winning anything," said Yakov Esshagian. The team captain who could not play this week due to his injury last week, but of course his presence was noticed, and he made a huge impact coaching the team from the sideline.