U19 – Week 4


Week 4/Apr. 12th

JTP v. Borstein Bears [6 – 19]

The Bornstein Bears managed to squeeze in a touchdown on a short pass to Aryeh Citronenbaum during the first half of the game. Ami Fried added the 7th point on the extra point attempt, ending the half 7-0 in favor of the Bernstein Bears.

JTP started off strong during the second half of the game, scoring a TD on a 30 yard run by Ami Dressler and bringing up the game to a tight score of 7-6 for quite a while. It was the Borstein Bears strong defense that stood out and made the difference in this game. With 7 (!) interceptions, three of them caught by Ami Fried, JTP just couldn’t keep the ball on offence. Ami Fried contributed on offence as well scoring a touchdown and bringing up the score to 13-6.

JTP finally managed to to break down the other team’s defense and marched the ball down the field. On a crucial play in the endzone, it seemed that JTP will be making a catch for the desired touchdown, but Citronenbaum on defense came out of no where to punch the ball away, preventing JTP from tying up the game.

On the next set of downs, JTP held tight on defense not allowing the Borstein Bears to advance, finding themselves on Offense again with their last opportunity to score. Their opportunity was taken away in the last 40 seconds of the game when Fried caught his last interception of the night. The Borstein Bears finished off the game strong as Yitzy Tannenbaum with a one-handed catch scored one more touchdown on the last second of the game, ending the game 19 – 6 for the Borstein Bears.


The Mahomesians v. Shviggers [21 – 18]

Three interceptions all by Binyamin Sabrasov of the Shviggers was enough to stop the Mahomesians defense but not enough to score. Ending the first half 0-0, both teams in the second half were scoring back and forth keeping it a close game until the very end.

First Yedidya Seffer catches the First TD for the Mahomeians. It is Kobi Wener for the Shviggers who catches the next TD of the game matching up the score to 6-6.

Next set of touchdowns were scored by Yeshaya Greenstone for the Mahomesians and Yaakov Kahn from the Shviggers, bringing the score to another tie of 12-12.

The Shviggers show a strong Defense and don’t give up any plays for the next couple set of downs. Ephraim Rybak scores another TD for the Shviggers and brings up the score to 18-12 for the Shviggers.

Just when the game seems it’s about to end in favor to the Shviggers, Natan Kestner catches a touchdown and the extra point attempt for the Mahomesians leaving only 10 seconds on the clock.

The Shviggers take the ball again eager to put up one more touchdown. First down is unsuccessful leaving time for just one more play and that is when the unexpected happened!

Tzviki Soloveichik was rushing and managed to sack the Shviggers QB right in their endzone, resulting in a safety on the last play of the game bringing the score up to 21-18 for the Mahomesians.