U19 – Week 5


Week 5/ Apr. 19th

Chashmo Ghost Runners v. JTP [8-20]
In the first half of the game the teams were striving to score but the half ended with only one score for JTP. The ball was on the ten and Ami Dressler was scrambling in the pocket. Ami managed to laser a ball in perfectly so that only Ben Esshagian, while surrounded by half the other team managed to snatch it for the first touchdown of the game.
David Applebaum, leading the extra points statistics for his team ran his classic play and easily caught the ball for the extra point, bringing JTP into the lead of 7-0.

In the second half of the game David Applebaum had an insane full field touchdown, where he caught the ball on the thirty, managed to juke his defender before running through another two defenders who both missed his flags and sent him untouched down the field all the way to the endzone.
Avi Esshagian also managed to score a touchdown in the second half. JTP slowly progressed down the field until the fifteen yard line and taking a shot to the endzone. This time it was Avi Esshagian who managed to form an easy separation and a beautiful hole for Dressler to throw him a perfect ball for another TD.
Avi also scored an extra point after his touchdown.

JTP had a steady progress of yards, not taking too many deep shots but also not shying away from them. Yakov Esshaghian managed to intercept the ball three time in the first half each time, running it back for a few yards, giving his team great positioning for offense. Avi Esshagian also managed to intercept the ball once on a clutch fourth down in the endzone.

Jordy Saltzman from the Chasmo Ghost Runners had a beautiful fly ball that was placed perfectly to him giving him the opportunity for a touchdown that he took advantage of.
The Chashmo Ghost Runners had a successful two point attempt, and the game ended 20-8 for JTP.

"It was fantastic to witness Ami’s ability to scramble in the pocket against arguably the best rusher in the league and still make plays for his team. It was also extremely fun to play against this team, we have a lot of mutual respect going both ways and had a great time playing together," said Yakov Esshagian the team's captain . On the opposing side, the Chashmo Ghost Runners captain, Moshe Nathan said: “We weren't at our best. We will learn from our mistakes and come back strong next week”.

The other scores of the night: Bernstein Bears v. BBB (12-35), Shviggers v. Dream Crushers (40-14).