U19 – Week 6


Week 6/ Apr. 26th

In the first game of the night The Chashmo Ghost Runners beat the Dream Crushers 40-18.
Scoring for the Chashmo Ghost Runners was Chaim Horn with 3tds.
Zeev Geller Ilan Shulman and Shaul Geller all scored one td.

In the second game of the night the Mahomesians beat the Borstein Bears 31-26.

The third game of the night was exciting to watch, filled with creative plays! In this game JTP played BBB.
JTP started with the ball and managed to score during their first down. But BBB weren't planning on making it easy for them and scored back right away on their first play with a throw to Moshe Rosenson.
Shortly after that Noam Moore threw Rosonson another TD.

Levav Maller and Ben Esshagian both had amazing picks this game!

Elisha Even-Israel kept moving beautifully in the pocket avoiding the Rusher over and over again and still managing to release perfect throws. One of those plays was an important 4th and 10 where he threw it across the field, from the right side all the way to the left side of the endzone to Levav for a TD.

Another great play by Even – Israel was when BBB were on the 45 yard line. He was able to release a pass to Levav again right when the rusher was on him, Levav batted the ball right back to Elisha as he continued running up the field for another TD!
Check these plays out on video on our facebook and instagram page!

This game was fun and both sides showed us great new plays to learn from!
The game ended in favor of BBB who beat JTP 32-21