Pizzeria Efrat Wins Holyland Bowl

The stage was set. The bright lights were turned on. The fans packed in and the 31 st FM Home Loans Holy Land Bowl was ready to be played in Jerusalem at Kraft stadium. The rain came tumbling down, the wind was vicious, and the championship game lived up to its much anticipated hype. The crowd showed up loyally for each squad as they roared on their favorite players. The journey made its last stop, the trophy was raised once again, and the hopes of a new champion begins.


Pizzeria Efrat Vs Toras Chaim

With rain and wind starting to appear early in the first half, Pizzeria Efrat scored on their first drive and took the lead 7-0 in large part to a crucial third and long reception after being tipped in the air by another receiver. Toras Chaim drove down the field on the next possession and capped it off by a touchdown from quarterback Yossi Malek to Momo Goodstein to slim the lead to 7-6. Pizzeria Efrat quarterback David Abell connected with wide receiver Daniel Mikhailov to take a 13-6 lead into halftime. The second half proved to be a defensive half with the rain and wind pounding the Kraft turf making it hard for both teams to score. With under a minute left to the game, Toras Chaim was able to hold Pizzeria Efrat and get the ball back with one last chance with their championship hopes on the line. Quarterback Yossi Malek launched a long ball that was reeled in by wide receiver Dovid Marmurstein for a touchdown to pull within one point with the extra point still to be decided. Pizzeria Efrat’s defense proved once again to be the deciding factor as they deflected what would have been the tying score to win the 31 st FM Home Loans AFI League Holy Land Bowl 13-12.