Week 6 Of The FM Home Loans AFI League brought out the best in the top teams. The pack has begun to separate as teams are beginning to put together lengthy winning streaks. The half point of season is nearing for most teams. The stakes are starting to rise and the road to the Holy Land Bowl is in sight.


Bais (2-2) Vs Toras Chaim (3-2)

Toras Chaim continued their winning streak behind shut down defense and timely offense. QB Noam Gelb threw for three TDs and Toras Chaim’s defense led by Nechemia Gross held the Bais offense scoreless in the second half to win 24-8.


DEC (3-2-1) Vs IOT Tech Titans (4-1)

IOT Tech Titans looked poised for their second consecutive upset win. QB Moshe Dovid Weissmandl connecting for seven TDs to WRs; Dani Cohen, Sam Raice, and Ben Larner. DEC kept the game competitive in the first half behind TD receptions from Zak Lenik and Gidon Hazony; but could not keep up with the Titans in a 46-21 loss.


Judean Audiobook Project (1-3) Vs Diesel Devils (1-3)

Judean Audiobook Project was looking for their first win of the season and came up firing; scoring multiple TDs to take a commanding first half lead. The Diesel Devils came storming back and had the ball down by a score with under a minute left to go in the game but came up short in a 26-20 loss.


Psychobunnies (3-2) Vs WSG Mercaz Moosen (5-0)

WSG Mercaz Moosen took an early two touchdown lead after QB Dovi Mann rushed and threw for a touchdown. With less than thirty seconds left in the first half Defensive lineman Dovie Olshan blocked a punt and returned it for a TD to give Mercaz a commanding lead that would end up in a 32-0 victory.


Fayazi Tigers (2-1-1) Vs The Suit Ladies (2-2-1)

The Fayazi Tigers defense played exceptionally well shutting down The Suit Ladies Offense all game long. The Tigers put together multiple scoring drives and held The Suit Ladies scoreless in a 22-0 shutout win.


Sparks (3-2) Vs Big Blue (2-2-1)

Big Blue looked poised to halt their losing streak versus a tough Sparks squad. Big Blue’s offense exploded for 40 points and their defense shut down the Sparks offense in a 40-0 shutout victory.


IFG Pandas (2-2) Vs The Huskies (0-6)

IFG Pandas QB Yehuda Mechanic threw two TD passes to wide receiver Avi Roz to put them ahead of The Huskies. The Huskies fought hard all game; but came up short in a 20-12 loss.


Chofetz Chaim (2-2-1) Vs Lev Mordechai (0-5-1)

Lev Mordechai took an early 6-0 lead over Chofetz Chaim in the first half. Chofetz Chaim’s QB Yisroel Wasser threw multiple TDs for his team who scored 19 unanswered points to win 19-6.


Route 38 Warriors (3-1-1) Vs American Eagles (3-2)

Both teams came into the game fighting for the top seed of their division. Route 38 Warriors continued their winning streak with timely offense and shutdown defense in a 25-0 shutout win.


Top 5 Power Rankings

1 – WSG Mercaz Moosen – Humble and confident

2 – IOT Tech Titans – Team plays smart and with intensity

3 – DEC – Two tough losses should fire up this squad

4 – Psychobunnies – Need to utilize all their weapons

5 – The Mob – Discipline is the key