WAFI – Finals


3rd Place Game

Zebras v. Eagles [12-6]

This 3rd place game started off amazing and everyone’s high energy was felt! The players and crowd had their team’s color paint all over! Everyone’s friends came to watch and cheer on the side lines!

In the first half of the game, the Zebra’s QB Adiella Chonen, threw a perfect pass to Emma Eisen for her first touchdown of this season!

Both sides' Defense was super strong ending the half with a low score of just 6-0 for the Zebras.

In the second half of the game, Nitzana Strous, with a hand off, ran down the entire field to tie up the score 6-6!

On the Zebra’s side, Mollie Eisen showed a very strong defense catching two interceptions! On her first interception she started running the wrong way but then spinned around and gained a couple yards down the field. It gave everyone a good laugh and reminded us all how we also just enjoy playing football! A few minutes later Mollie intercepted once again and ran the ball the right way this time, gaining a few more yards for the team.  Eta Cohnen and Neely Saker also played amazingly, gaining lots of yards. Emma  and Mollie Eisen, Sima Solomon Neely Saker and the sisters Eta and Adiella Cohenen all had great flag pulls keeping the defense tight.

This was a very close game, everyone played their best, and was easy to tell they were giving it their all!

The game time ran out finishing in a tight tie of 6-6, forcing the teams to go into an overtime to determine the 3rd place winners of the season.

Adiella Cohnen wrote us describing the over time perfectly: “by the end of the game we were tied with the other team 6 to 6 so we went into overtime. It was very stressful and we started on offense first (the other team won the coin toss and got to choose. They chose defense). We gained a couple yards on the first three downs, and on the 4th down Adiella threw the ball to Sima Solomon where she made an amazing catch bringing us in to the lead. On the Eagles turn, we only let them gain a few yards but we kept our defense strong and managed to keep them far from the Endzone with no option to score!  We were so excited, jumping and cheering! Our coaches Aryeh and Rivka were so proud of us and we have them to thank, so thank you Rivka and Aryeh!”

Cohnen added “We missed the players who couldn't make it to the game! We had so much fun this past season and can't wait for next year!”


The Championship game

Judean Rebels v. Big Blue Lions [39-27]

The Championship Game played by Big Blue and the Judean Rebels was a super exciting game to watch with high scoring from both teams!

Big Blue started the game strong with a touchdown by Michal Alge, but shortly after that the team got thrown off balance after their defensive star player, Margalit Abell had to leave the field due to an Injury (Ilana Weinberg and Margalit collided face to face, both needing stitches. Thank God they are all doing well and feeling good!) ending the half with only 6 points for big blue. The Rebels were killing it, finishing the first half with a score of 26-6.

Luckily for Big Blue, the team made a quick and strong recovery starting the second half with a quick comeback of 21 points in a row! The touchdowns were scored by Cheili Abell, Monica Neustadter and Eli Baumol. Extra points were scored By Daniella Friedman, Eli and Monica, bringing up the score to 27-26 for Big Blue!

Shortly after that, Naama Rausner and Tifferet Atkin from the Rebels were in the endzone, both trying to pull the ball out of each other's hands, not realizing they are on the same team! Naama came down with the ball and Tifferet scored the extra point, securing the ball even though there was a serious holding on the Big Blue defender. And the Rebles were back in the lead 34-27!

On the Rebels next drive, Aliza Zalcman intercepted the ball giving Big Blue another huge opportunity to try and win the Championships! Big Blue advanced down the field and were super close to the TD, when Rivka Weinberg snatched the ball in the endzone for a huge interception and managed to run back the whole field for a crucial pick-6, securing the Rebels second in a row championship win with the score of 39-27!