WAFI – Finals


FINALS / Feb. 24th  


WAFI had a fantastic 2019-2020 season, our ten teams of new players and veterans teamed up and brought us incredible games and showdowns. The highly anticipated final week is finally here, friends and family came to cheer for their favorites for the last time, and boy were the results surprising to all!

Big Blue v. Rashbag Rhinos

[ 48 – 49 ]

The battle for third place was a very close one, with TDs scored by almost every offensive drive throughout the game. Big Blues’ QB Roni Kahn did a magnificent job throwing passes across the entire field, with TDs caught by Eli Baumol (x4), Daniella Friedman (x2) and Ora Gold (x1). EPs scored by Nechama Brickner, Daniella Friedman, Eli Baumol and Elisheva Marcus- who also ran in a safety! On defense, Big Blues’ Atara Klein, Yehudit Brickner, Meira Jacobowitz and Elisheva Marcus did a superb job flag pulling.

The Rhinos had an excellent game, with TDs scored by Adira Orbach (x3), Naomi Butler (x2), Dahlia Sered (x1) and Danya Gewurz (x1). The Rhinos went for 2 Pt conversions, caught by Adira Orbach (x2) and Dahlia Sered, giving them a final edge and granting them a 1-point win over Big Blue, and the title of 3rd place Champions.

Kosher Casual v. Judean Rebels

[ 18 – 7 ]

The championship game kicked off with both teams playing a strong defensive game, with passes blocked left and right. Both teams’ QBs, Judean Rebels’ Bayla Greenblum and Kosher Casuals’ Cindy Scaar, had an amazing night with direct throws to all their receivers. The first TD on the scoreboard was caught by the Rebels’ Shelby Binstock, followed by a TD caught by Kosher Casuals’ Michal Alge, and the EP scored by Adi Shulman. Right before halftime, Rebels’ Rivka Weinberg caught an interception and ran it in for a pick-6. Judean Rebels had awesome flag pulling by Shalavit Rausman, Ilana Weinberg, Shaina Blumberger, Daniella Azar and Raquella Raiz, while Tiferet Atkin and Maya Perry had some fantastic catches. The game finally came to a close with another TD scored by Rivka Weinberg, and a 1st place win for the orange rebels, crowning them Champions of the 2020 season!