QUARTER-FINALS / Feb. 10th  


Kosher Casual v. Eden’s Eagles

[ 39 – 6 ]

Kicking off the 2020 quarter-finals, Eden’s Eagles’ Nitzana Strous ran the ball all the way across the field for the first TD of the night. Kosher Casual was quick to retaliate, with a TD scored by Michal Alge. The Casual girls were on fire all night, with 6 more TDs caught and scored by Michal (x3), Penny Rabin (1) and Merav Barach (1). EPs made by Esther Feldhamer (x3). Laura Ben David had an awesome sack. Interceptions snatched up by Eden’s Eagles’ Nitzana Strous (x2) and Kosher Casuals’ Adi Shulman and Nadia Brenner.

MVPs: Esther Feldhamer (Kosher Casual) & Nitzana Strous (Eden’s Eagles).


Judean Rebels v. Paiges Lakers/Wolves

[ 62 – 6 ]

The Judean Rebels are charging their way through the playoffs with their eyes on the championship game. A total of 9 TDs and a strong defensive game played by the rebels, and scored by: Tiferet Atkin, Shelby Binstock and Rivka Weinberg. Pick-6 caught by Shelby, Rivka, and Shalavit Rausman. EPs by Shelby and Rivka. Meanwhile, the Wolves never gave up, and Elisheva Leff caught a fabulous TD for her team. Interceptions caught by Kayla Grodner and Miriam Wolf, and rusher Elisheva Leff got 2 sacks.

MVPs: Shelby Binstock (Judean Rebels) & Kayla Grodner (Paiges/Wolves).


Big Blue v. Mishaan

[ 46 – 20 ]

Despite injuring her leg prior to the game, QB Roni Kahn did an incredible job leading team Big Blue to victory over Mishaan, with a total of 7 TDs caught by Daniella Friedman (x2), Daniella Brown (x2), Eli Baumol, Nechama Brickner and Elisheva Marcus. EPs scored by Eli, Nechama and Brown. On defense, Elisheva Marcus, Yehudit Brickner, Atara Klein and Meira Jacobowitz had great blocks and flag pulls, while Meira and Ora Gold caught interceptions. Meanwhile, Mishaans’ offensive game was strong, with TDs caught by Eta Cohnen and Neely Saker. EPs scored by Eta and Neely. On defense, Mishaans’ Adiella Cohnen had a gorgeous interception as she snatched Big Blues’ EP attempt out of thin air and ran it almost entirely across the field.

MVPs: Daniella Brown (Big Blue) & Neely Saker (Mishaan).


Just Not Fare v. Rashbag Rhinos

[ 12 – 26 ]

The final game of the night had Just Not Fare up against TVA’s Rashbag Rhinos. The first TD was scored by the Rhinos’ Dahlia Sered, followed by a TD caught by Just Not Fares’ Noa Goldrich. Just not fares’ other TD was scored by Racheli Abell, and rusher Deena Hornstein had a sack. The Rhinos gave it their all and scored 3 more TDs, by Deena Karger, Naomi Butler and Adira Orbach. Adira caught 2 EPs, while on defense interceptions were caught by Danya Gewurz. Adira Orbach, Deena Karger and Dahlia Sered.

MVPs: Deena Hornstein (Just Not Fare) & Dahlia Sered (Rashbag Rhinos).