WAFI – Week 10


WEEK 10 / Feb. 3rd


Kosher Casual v. Eden’s Eagles

[ 28 – 0 ] / [ 20 – 0 ]

Kosher Casual finished off their regular season firmly in first place. In game 1, TDs were scored by Michal Alge (1), Penny Rabin (1), and Merav Barach (2). EPs were made by Penny Rabin and Nadia Brenner. Interceptions by Michal Alge, Merav Barach and Adi Shulman.

In game 2, Kosher Casual kept their winning streak with TDs scored by Penny Rabin (2) and Nadia Brenner (1). EPs caught by Penny and Laura Ben-David. Penny Rabin had 1 pick and Adi Shulman had 2.

MVPs: Cindy Scaar (Kosher Casual) & Meira Dobkin (Eden’s Eagles).


Just Not Fare v. Let’s Get Ready to Fumble

[ 19 – 0 ] / [ 20 – 0 ]

Just Not Fare kicked off their last game of the regular season with a TD caught by Racheli Abell, and EP made by Margalit Abell. On defense, Avi Goldrich and Margalit Abell both caught pick-6s, and Racheli Abell intercepted. LGRTF had a strong defense as well, with interceptions snatched up by Zoey Block and Gabriella Drelich.

In game 2, Just Not Fares’ QB Shulamit Iram threw 2 TDs caught by Racheli Abell, while EPs were scored by Monica Neustadter and Margalit Abell. The last TD of the game was a pick-6 caught by Just Not Fares’ Shulamit Iram.

MVPs: Racheli Abell (Just Not Fare) & Zoey Block (Let’s Get Ready to Fumble).


Judean Rebels v. Mishaan

[ 26 – 0 ] / [ 20 – 7 ]

The Rebels gave it their all during their last 2 games of the regular season. QB Bayla Greenblum threw bullet TDs scored by Shelby Binstock (2), Rivka Weinberg (1) and Maya Perry. EP caught by Rivka, who also caught an interception.

In game 2, with the Rebels’ friends and family forming quite the cheer squad, Judean Rebels scored 2 more TDs by Rivka Weinberg and Shelby Binstock. EP caught by Shelby, and a pick 6 snatched up by Shelby. Meanwhile, Mishaan kept their cool and Neely Saker ran a fantastic TD into the end zone, and Mollie Eisen caught the EP.

MVPs: Rivka Weinberg/Tiferet Atkin (Judean Rebels) & Eta Cohnen (Mishaan).


Rashbag Rhinos v. Big Blue

[ 18 – 19 ] / [ 12 – 26 ]

In a ping-pongy, super close game, the Rhinos scored 3 TDs, caught by Adira Orbach, Naomi Butler, and Deena Kreger. Rashbag Rhinos had an incredibly tight defense, but Big Blues’ QB Roni Kahn managed to get away from the rush and throw 3 marvelous TD passes across the field, caught by Daniella Friedman (1) and Eli Baumol (2). EPs scored by Eli and Friedman.

In game 2, Rahbag Rhinos’ speedy Adira Orbach and Dahlia Sered swooped by Big Blues’ defense to score TDs. Meanwhile, Big Blue QB Roni Kahn threw 4 TDs, caught by Ora Gold (2), Yehudit Brickner (1) and Daniella Friedman (1). EPs scored by Daniella Brown and Ora Gold. Elisheva Drellich caught an awesome interception!

MVPs: Dahlia Sered (Rashbag Rhinos) & Eli Baumol (Big Blue).


Paiges Lakers/Wolves v. Wildkatz

[ 8 – 7 ] / [ 7 – 0 ]

Closing the night – and the season – were the Wolves up against Wildkatz. On defense, Avigail Schiff of the Wildkatz snatched an interception and ran it in for a pick-6. EP scored by Chevi Charlap. The Wolves’ Kayla Grodner had an interception and on offense Elisheva Leff scored a TD. The Wolves took a chance on a 2-point conversion, caught and scored by Elisheva Leff to win the game.

In game 2, the Wolves’ Talya Kishineff was on fire with 2 interceptions. Wildkatzs’ Meira Edelstein caught an amazing interception as well. The game finally came to an end with a TD scored by Wolves’ Elisheva Leff, and with Talya Kishineff bringing in the EP.

MVPs: Elisheva Leff (Paiges Lakers/Wolves) & Chevi Charlap (Wildkatz).