WAFI – Week 4


Week 4/ Apr. 5th

Last night’s games were super dominant with three blow-out games in a row!

Modiin Flames v. Judean Rebels (0-20)
The first game belonged to the Judean Rebels beating the Modiin Flames 20-0.
The first half of the game started slowly with just one score by Rivka Weinberg, and an extra point by Tifferet Atkin giving the Rebels a tight score of 7-0.
The second half of the game was very exciting, starting off with a strong defense by the Rebels.
Modiin Flames were on their 2nd down at the 15 yards when Tehila Lowenstein came out of nowhere and caught a pick six. Following Lowenstein’s interception, Bayla Greenblum and Rivka Weinberg managed to also intercept the ball.
Although the Flames were down two scores they were fighting back hard. Kayla Grodner intercepted the ball and on their 4th down they were only 7 yards away from their first touchdown. It was Adina Rydzinski from Rebels who took away the Flames chance for a touchdown. Adina rushed with full speed towards the Flame’s QB and ended up sacking her right as she was throwing the ball.
Tali from Modiin Flames was putting up quite a show on the field, making a bunch of great catches for her team and intercepting the ball herself. Unfortunately, that was not enough as the Rebels weren’t giving up any scores and ran up the score once more with another TD by Rivka and a successful extra point attempt caught by Lowenstein.

Zebras v. Big blue (0-32)
Big Blue ended the second game of the night with a big win over the Zebras 32-0.
Scoring in the first half of the game was Eli Baumol who also caught two interceptions, and Daniella Friedman with the extra point. Noa Goldrich showed no mercy rushing, as she sacked the QB three times just during the first half.
In the second half of the game Baumol scored two more touchdowns, Rachel Abell one touchdown and Jordana Hauser sweetened the score with a pick-6. Aliza Zalcman ended the game with another interception for Big Blue.
The Zebras show us what football is all about as their captain Dalia concludes the game: “We didn’t get any touchdowns but Eta Cohnen and Mollie Eisen each caught an interception, and we had so much fun playing!”

Eagles v. Tigers (51-6)
On the third game of the night the Eagles had their first win of the season, and it was a big win beating the Tigers 51:6!
Nitzana Strous was unstoppable, scoring six touchdowns and an extra point for the Eagles.
Lielle Grunstein showed a strong game as well, as she scored a TD herself and managed to catch an insane interception, while bringing her hands in front of the receiver, with her body still behind, for a clean catch. Grunstein basically grabbed it out of the receiver’s hands before she managed to gain control of the ball.
Tehilla Goldscheider scored the final TD for the Eagles, ending with a big lead for their first win.
Let’s point out Temima Klein from the Tigers who manages to score in each game including this one! Temima has been chosen MVP of the game by the Eagles, and she has now been chosen MVP for three games in a row!