WAFI – Week 5


Week 5  – Apr. 12th

Zebras v. Judean Rebels [6 – 19]
Once again Rivka Weinberg scores the first touchdown! Tifferet helps to keep the game alive as she catches a beautiful interception during the first half. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help put more scores up on the board and the half ends 6-0 for the Judean Rebels.
The Rebels dominated during the second half with four interceptions! The interceptions were caught by mother and daughter Zahava and Ilana Weinberg, Bayla Greenblum and Tiferet Atkin.
Ilana and Tiferet showed some strong offense as well, both scoring a touchdown for the Rebels. Nechama Rausman caught an extra point attempt bring the score to a total blow out of 19-0.


Modiin flames v. eagles [27 – 6]

This game started off with an interception by Talya Kishineff from the Modiin Flames right at the start.
Nice catches made repeatedly by the Modiin Flames brought them closer to the end zone, in which Kayla Grodner scored the first touchdown of the game and Shira Liber scored the extra point.
Soon after, Grodner scored a second touchdown and Miriam Wolf scored the extra point ending the half 14-0.
The second half of the game started off well again for the Flames as they right away scored another touchdown by Kishineff. The Flame’s defense wasn’t falling behind either, as their rusher Miriam Wolf tipped the ball twice, and Tali Schwartz caught another interception for the team.
The Eagle’s Captain Nitzana Strous finally managed to score another touchdown not allowing the Flames to have a total shut-out.
On the next set of downs, Grodner once again brought the ball home. It is flag football but some how she managed to be tackled by two girls in the end zone and still hold on to the ball.
Kishineff scored once more on the extra point attempt, bringing the game to an end. 27- 6 for the Modiin Flames.

One more big score ended the night with a 37-7 win for Big Blue over the Tigers.