WAFI – Week 7




Our players were super excited to receive equipment tonight kindly donated by FM Homes.
They put it into good use!

Zebras v. Tigers(44-12)
This was the second time the Zebras played the Tigers. Although we were expecting a comeback from the Tigers after watching them improve tremendously, their two quarter backs could not make it to the game and that obviously affected their game. Having their star receivers needing to quarterback they were lacking wide receivers and their regular passers.
The Tigers still managed to score. Temima Klein threw two touchdowns! One was to Hadas Finkelstein and the second one was to ‏Lianna Matluk.

We loved seeing the hard effort the Tigers put in despite their missing key players, but as the score shows it – it wasn’t enough as Eta Cohnen was on fire this game! Eta intercepted in the first minute of the game and ran straight to a touchdown. Ten minutes she caught another pick six!
Qb Sima Soloman handed off the ball to Eta who made it all the way across the field for another Touchdown!
Emma Eisen scored a great extra point with a button hook right on the touchdown line. She caught an amazing catch with her new good luck charm (= the new gloves provided by FM Homes )

During the second half of the game Adiella cohnen played qb and threw a terrific pass to Soloman who ran the ball all the way down the field for a Touchdown.
A step away from touchdown line Mollie Eisen took a single step and turned around, qb tossed her the ball and mollie got a touchdown.
After Eta cohnen intercepted the ball for the 5th time(!) didn’t we say she was on fire? Putting her team back on Offense, Eta handed off the ball to Neely saker who passed all the five girls on Defense and ran straight for another touchdown.
Sima intercepted the ball for the second time this game, while the ball was about to hit the ground, she managed to somehow scoop it up! Right after that, the Sima caught the ball right on the touchdown line for one more touchdown for the Zebras ending the game 44- 12.


The Zebras reported that their highlight of the game was the entire game and the good energy and celebrations after. They also pointed out the great sportsmanship the other team brought to the field and were thankful for that.
Their Captain Dalya reached out to say thank you for the FM Homes equipment and added: “The game was amazing we had great team work and came with good energy and the best coaches who helped us- Rivka Weinberg and aryeh Triester”.

Eagles v. Rebels (0-45)
This was a big shut-out game with only the Rebels scoring, and they sure scored a lot!
The touchdowns were scored by: Shalhavit, Tifferet, and three by Rivka Weinberg.
Weinberg and Bayla both had a pick six, Making it very difficult for the Eagles to put up any scores on the bored.
Tifferet contributed nicely also on Defense making two nice interceptions.
Tehilla Lowenstein caught a beautiful interception and scored on an extra point attempt.

Flames v. Big Blue (8-42)
On the Flames side, Talya Kishineff played a great game as she interceoted the ball twice, one being a return on an extra point attempt gaining her team two extra points. Also Meirav Green Caught some nice balls and scored the touchdown for the Modiin Flames. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough as Big Blue showed a strong offense and deffense! Daniella Friedman scored two touchdowns. Elisheva Baumol and Aliza Zalcman each scored a pick six and a touchdown ending the game with a score of 42-8 for Big Blue.